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    Hello all~

    My daughter and I are new users as of today. We have been trying the home school experience since the end of August and have not been as successful as we both would like. We are now trying T4L to see if that might get us closer to where we both want to be. My daughter is in 6th grade and today's lesson went okay. What I want to know is that there is an assignment tab in her backpack. When I look at that there are no assignments listed at all (complete or in progress). Is there a way to put her daily/weekly assignments there? Right now I have them in the spreadsheet form that I have been using since we started. Any helpful pointers would be greatly appreciated. I think that this might be a fun way to do this once we figure out some of the twists and turns.


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    When you go to the backpack after your daughter has finished her lessons for the day it should show what she has worked on that day and her scores for the day. You can get her scores for the day, the week, or the month that way. I print out the lesson plans for the entire year. Then each day as my son completes his work, I write the scores on the lesson plan. Then at the end of the course, I print out the report for the whole year.

    Welcome to Time4Learning. Go to the Parent Support Group for your state. You'll find lots of advice there.
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