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    Hi There! I'm Tina and my son is 8 attempting grade three. He was diagnosed with ADHD. T4L is great for him because it is constantly moving, flashy and bright. Well, the LA part of it keeps his attention but the Math is a little Math can be. I just found T4L about a month ago. I wish I had found it years ago! Now we are trying to cram in the whole grade three curriculum before June. Any thoughts? I am using it as my complete LA and Math curriculum. He also gets piano, art, science, special projects, handwriting (He is also diagnosed with written expression disorder),reading and Bible.

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    You have about forty school days left, which means he would be doing around three math LAs and one language LA per day. You could pick and choose from among the language arts extensions if you wanted to add those.

    He would need to average more than three science LAs and more than two social studies LAs to finish before June. That would be difficult for most students.

    If your son has already been doing third grade work since September, he may be able to proceed at that pace. I usually feel it's more important for my own children to really understand what they are studying than to get through a certain number of lessons in a certain amount of time.

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