New User. Question about order.
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    Default New User. Question about order.

    I read on another post in the forums that I just need to give my children guidelines for how many activities to do a day of any given subject. However, if I tell them to do one language, they are not systematic at all for which language they will pick. Is the order of the lessons important? Do I need to sit with him at all times to make sure he does the lessons in consecutive order.

    And if your kids do not do the lessons in order, how do you keep track of which ones they are done with or not?

    Thanks. The kids are enjoying it. Now I'm just trying to figure out how am I managing it and keeping up with with what they do in a way that won't make my brain hurt

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    Chrystal, it sounds like you've missed the flashing arrow.

    Your student just needs to choose a subject and click on it. Then, he clicks where the arrow is pointing. He continues to click where the arrow points until he arrives at an activity to do.

    The arrow will advance as each activity is completed.

    If your students have been doing lessons out of order, the arrow may be confused. Unfortunately, the only way to fix that is to ask Support to completely reset their lessons.

    Instead, if they haven't progressed too far, you can wait for the arrow to catch up to them after they pass the farthest lesson completed.

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