newbee' mother of 5 homeschooled children.
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    Default newbee' mother of 5 homeschooled children.

    Hello All,

    I am new here, I have 5 children 14,12,9,5,&4.
    All except for the 9 & 4 yr old do a Public Virtual School that is free to parents that had children going to a regular brick and mortor school.

    My 9 yr. old has learning disabilities (so they say-yes she is not on the same level as others her age but I do not believe everybody is built to be "the same at the same time") and was not accepted to the same school.

    It was not an option for me to leave her in the public school system, I want to be close to my children and believe the public system is broken when it comes to morals and disapline, and since she could not do the virtual school the same as the others I decided to pull her out and homeschool.
    This was in october and I have felt abit overwhelmed since then-trying to pull together a curriculum- I am hoping T4L will work for us.It looks promising.

    Also, the Virtual School my other children are attending only goes up to 8th grade & so does this one so I'm curious what do you do when they reach high school?

    Now I was wondering with T4L: how do you use it, I mean how many lessons a day, what subjects, do they do it all on-line, do you print alot of papers? I am great at elaborating on any subjects with the help of the library: ) other than L.A. and Math-

    I will say since I started homeschooling, my childrens attitudes have changed and the dynamics between them has changed as well. I am ALOT closer and the love has grown tremendously!

    I'm looking forward to having other moms to talk to that is doing the same thing with their children(I could use some support) and am looking forward to having a direction, with the help of T4L, for my 9yr old.

    *****Sorry if my post is long*****

    p.s. Is there a spell checker on these postings?

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    Hi. Welcome to the forum!

    The SpellCheck is directly beneath where you type your message, on the right.

    Time4Learning currently does not have a high school level. If you search High School (using the Search link at the top of this page), you will find some good threads on the subject. I was going to link you to some of them, but couldn't choose which ones.

    Time4Learning can be used in a variety of ways. Some parents look at the Lesson Plans to see how many lesson activities are included in a subject. They divide that number into the number of days in their school year in order to determine how many lesson activities their student needs to do per day to finish a grade level during the school year.

    Other parents have their students work a certain amount of time on each subject. Time4Learning provides a timer at the lower level for this purpose. Used this way, a student may complete more or less than a grade level during a school year.

    Some families combine the two methods, requiring a certain number of lesson activities to be completed per day, but using the timer so the student can take breaks in the Playground.

    The printables are commonly used in three ways: Not at all, always, or as extra practice only when the student is struggling with a concept.

    Reading this forum will familiarize you with more ways to use Time4Learning, and I'll bet a few people pop in here to share methods that have worked for them.

    We're glad to have you with us!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Welcome twobitford,

    We have homeschooled for ten years now and absolutely ADORE time4Learning! I do not use it for all subjects as we like to use a biblical worldview for hx/science, but I LOVE it for Math and LA! It has simplified my life and taught using it's interactive approach so much better than when I was trying to divide my time between four boys. (whew )

    We do 3 lessons per day in

    and fly by the seat of our pants when it comes to LA extensions.
    Mary, Child of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ! Wife to best friend and Mama to her four boys 91, 96, 00, 02, Homeschooling since 1998! Come visit us on our blog!

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    Hey! My youngest daughter is 9 yrs too! My other 2 girls are grown, 25 and 18.
    This is our 2nd month doing T4L and it's great! My dd is learning really well since she's a 'visual' learner.

    I know what you mean about pulling together a curiculum. I can't afford to buy the ones already planned out, so it has taken me a LOT of time finding things to use and planning lessons. I started homeschool all of a sudden because of public school problems, so I didn't plan ahead of time.
    T4L has saved me a LOT of time! I wish I found it 2 yrs ago!!

    They say you can use T4L as the full curiculum and use nothing else. I guess this is a decision each family has to make.
    We use sequential spelling, math u see, and wordly wise in addition to T4L because she has learning problems in these areas.
    I was wondering if T4L would not 'coincide' with the other things we are using, but there have been no problems so far.

    I also wonder if there is a program like this to use for high school. I hope we can find out soon! It would be great!

    I think you can use T4L anyway you want to. Pick and choose the lessons, or go in order. There is no time limit on how many lessons a day or how long to stay in one lesson.

    I don't print out any lessons. I do print out the daily reports a week at a time so I can put the grades in my planner. It calculates the total grade for each subject, keeps up with the hours and days we do school, etc.

    I think I"m going to start copying and pasting the report onto word instead of printing them out all the time. In our state we dont' havea to show anything to the school folks.

    I have read messages from someone else here that have more than one child and they say they have a lot of trouble getting everyone's lessons done since they have only 1 computer. I don't know if you have that problem or not.

    If you do I'm sure others here can help with that.

    Oh I forgot! I do print out the 'resources' pages.

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