Hi everyone!
I'm kinda doing this backwards, I've already posted a question, now I'll introduce myself I'm Liz and new to the site, I have a son who is 9, going into the 4th grade in the fall. According to his school he was below standards in math, reading & writing, so I was determined to find something to work w/him over the summer to try and improve these w/him before he returned to school. After a loooooong search, knowing I am by no means a teacher that would be able to set up some sort of organized curriculum, I found Time4learning! Now we've only just started on 6/14, however my son LOVES the work, which is a huge plus in itself! He loves to be on the computer, and loves the interaction of the lessons. So as far as that goes, so far so good! Also wanted to mention the quick response I got to my 1st question I had here, also I had phoned in some questions. The lady on the phone was very informative, and left no question unanswered. And as far as the $$ goes, Time4Learning made it very affordable. Even though there should be no limit to how much you spend to help your child excell, there are some that make it highly impossible to do, that's why I'm thankful for the price of the program.
Now I do have 2 more questions. Any advice on where I could get some help (print outs etc.) to help him out with his handwriting? And as I was looking into getting info for my last post I accidentally clicked on a lesson to start ( it was one we'd already completed), but it is now showing up as not complete. How do I remove that, or does it have any effect in any accomplishment of the program?
Again, thanks for everything! I'm sure I'll be here again
Liz P.S. Where's spell check for these posts? Not such a great speller! LOL