Newbie and frustrated!!!!
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    Default Newbie and frustrated!!!!

    So even though my heart has always wanted to be a homeschooler, my circumstances haven't allowed me to be until the past month. It all happened sort of suddenly so there was very little time to prepare a curriculum, daily/weekly lesson plan, supplies...etc. I am winging it as I go and trying to get ahead little by little. I have a 1st grader and a 3rd grader. I don't drive and we just moved out to the country (away from any of their friends) and live in a very small house (can we say close quarters)!!!!

    On a daily basis my intentions are good. I realize it is simply impossible for me to get anything else done while they are doing school work because they need me (duh!). So I am available, I sit and help with lessons, I help to stifle any little ones tears due to frustration, change, and longing for their peers. We get through it and they are learning a lot. They are extremely proud of themselves and proud to show me their grades.

    I understand that most of the childrens' frustration is due to recent change but some of it seems to simply be either A. getting out of doing schoolwork B. overload of schoolwork or C. me not being organized enough (even though after they get done with an activity I always have something else for them to work on).

    They are both very willing in the mornings to write in their journal and then start their lesson. But after a little while....they're done. I'm not sure how to keep them motivated. I don't have a lot of money to buy a ton of material so I make do with Dollar store finds, the internet, things we already have, and the outdoors.

    Any advice as to lesson planning and preparation as well as how to homeschool frugally would be greatly appreciated. So far we are 3 frustrated people and I feel it's only going to get worse in May when our new baby arrives.

    I greatly admire everyone on here who is either using T4L for homeschool or as a supplement to public/private school. I really love the program and feel it is very cost effective. It's great at teaching on the childs level so they can quickly remember what they've learned without busy work or wasting paper!

    Yay T4L!!!!

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    Default Re: Newbie and frustrated!!!!

    I have Heard of some familys deschooling taking 6 months to a year off before diving into hs. Also I know that will my girls that once they are frusterated I do not force the issue. We are so far ahead with t4l that if they need a break we take it.
    We also decided that for use we are takeing off Thanksgiving to Jan 11. We ahve 4 family birthdays adn holidays so school would be hard.

    I find that with my girls and t4l if one of them "need some time alone" they will work on there school work.

    Have you figered out what your average amout of lesson plans wil be?
    Maby you can ajust that to help them?

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    Default Re: Newbie and frustrated!!!!

    Homeschooling doesn't take as long as traditional school. If you try to fill their whole day with organized "school" activities, you will all become frustrated. At your kids' ages, up to two hours of formal school a day is plenty.

    When homeschooling, you don't have to waste time taking roll call, collecting lunch money, waiting in line to use the classroom microscope, waiting for other children to complete their work before proceeding, lining up to go to assemblies, and so forth.

    This has been our schedule for several years: The kids wander into the livingroom in their pajamas at 8:00 a.m. I have hot cocoa ready for them. The drink cocoa and I read to them for an hour. We have gone through many books this way as a family. I also address anything that needs to be discussed with the whole family and we do some memory work. This usually just consists of reading what we are memorizing because they memorize it effortlessly if they read it daily. We just finished memorizing the preamble to the constitutution and are now working on a long chapter from the Bible.

    At 9:00, they go off to do their grooming and chores. We don't do any kind of chore rotation. My kids have the same chores every day, because I can easily show them the way I want it done and they become quick and efficient at their assigned chores.

    From 10:00 until noon is formal school time.

    When they are finished with their formal lessons, they are allowed to read, play board games, craft, pursue a hobby, or engage in creative play ("house", "cars", etc.). I don't allow television, computer, or video games until 4:00 p.m. I keep a huge variety of craft supplies from the dollar store and educational board games on hand. That way, they are still involved in something productive or educational, even if it isn't formal "lessons".

    This is pretty stress-free and has worked with a variety of babies and toddlers in the mix.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Default Re: Newbie and frustrated!!!!

    It is always so nice to hear the other Mom's opinions. It so helps to confirm things in your own life. Or wake you up to some things you ought to be doing.

    We utilize the whole year and move at our own pace. LIFE HAPPENS! I have a rambunctious two year old and over the past two years my husbands job has been very demanding. These things make it hard to be along side of my 7 year old and do all that I would love to do. Nonetheless she is a year ahead. How did this happen? We took our time and use the whole year. Most importantly when she is inspired to learn........ she is on fire!!! No amount of scheduling and preparation can replace a childs wonder and desire to learn. We gave her the tools to learn how to read, invested a small amount of time on a regular basis and BAM she basically taught herself to read. I take no credit for teaching her a thing. It is all her!!!

    Be easy on yourself. Although it never feels like it, there is time. Give yourself and your children some time to breathe. Learn as you go. NO one becomes super homeschool Mom right away it, is a process. You will recognize something you want and implement it, recognize something you want and implement it and so on and on .... Learning never ends for us as well. Thats the fun of it. We grow and learn too.

    And remember growing comes with growing pains, like what you are experiencing now. All natural.

    You should be so proud of yourself. To be willing to learn and expand who you are is soooooo



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    Default Re: Newbie and frustrated!!!!

    What Kelly and Mandy said.......2-3 hrs/day is enough for FORMAL schooling. Afternoons can be for "projects" that your kids choose. They should have simple chores. It's Christmas time so they could make "decorations" like paper chains or stringing popcorn and cranberries. They could make a dirorama of the nativity using a shoebox and construction paper/crayons and glue. They can read and or keep a journal. You can all COOK something and learn about sequencing, following directions and units of measure. Clean out the pantry and make a list of things you need and then let everyone help with the shopping. Life skills are important, if you have a list and a budget you can comparasion shope and learn/use lots of math skills. Relax,'s okay to take a day/week/month off if you feel like it. We "homeschool" every day/7 days/wk and all year-round...except when we take a "beach day" or a "slug day" or a "just because day" and it all works're doing a great job and you're not alone......cheers! deni.....
    deni may ............
    artist and teacher[email protected]/

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    Default Re: Newbie and frustrated!!!!

    It may seem simple, but I think it gets overlooked pretty often, playtime CAN be very educational. Age appropriate of course, we play Monopoly, Yahtzee, Scrabble, Boggle, etc... Not daily, but often. We didn't get "caught" for quite a while, but one Saturday my son says to me "Daddy, this is a lot like school-work", as we were playing Scrabble. And on a Saturday of all days

    We also don't follow the same schedule as the local PS's. We will sometimes load up extra for the week, in order for them to take a few extra days "off". We don't quit during the summer either, although we don't work them at full bore, we just want to keep their brain engaged. We've found that if we let our 2 kids "turn off their brains" they take quite a while for them to "turn them back on".

    So many smileys, so little time

    So many smileys, so little time

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