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    Default NEWBIE - Quick Question on Worksheets

    I just realized that my son has been working on his lessons and is skipping tests and worksheets. Is he allowed to proceed to another chapter without taking the first chapter test? Also, does he have access to the worksheets that are assigned for the lesson, or do I have to monitor what he will be doing next and print out the worksheets for him?

    I am a web developer and work from home so I am not always next to him during his school time. I want to make sure he completes the worksheets and that they can be found easily (if available on his screen). I guess I have to do a bit of homework myself.
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    Default Re: NEWBIE - Quick Question on Worksheets

    The program can be completed in any order and activities may be done as many times as necessary. Most families tell their students to just follow the arrow. The arrow will proceed to the next lesson without stopping for the test or quiz, so I tell my own children to do tests and quizzes as soon as they have finished the associated lesson. That way, they don't "forget".

    Worksheets show up as a link below the lesson activities marked "Resource". Your student can click on that to print the worksheet. Not all lesson activities include worksheets.

    Unless you monitor what your student has done, you probably will not know if he has been skipping worksheets, tests, and quizzes. Since you are not there during the day, you might want to print a report for his day's work and have him show you his worksheets. Compare them to the lesson plans you see when you log in as a parent.

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    Default Re: NEWBIE - Quick Question on Worksheets

    I like to print the "report" every month. In addition I tell my kids to print every resource paper and leave it on the kitchen table when it is completed instead of putting it away in their notebooks, this way I can check them. I also have them print any science experiment or language arts writing assignment and do that. Their notebooks are looking BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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