Newbie with some questions....
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    Default Newbie with some questions....

    Hi all! My name is Amy and I am just starting to use t4l for my 3rd grade (8yo) son. We want to get started asap, so i am spending a couple of days famiiarizing myself with the site and how it works before I get him going on it. So here are a few questions I have so far.

    How do i view the lesson plans/print out the vocab/ without it affecting his progress?

    Do many of you print out the vocab cards? It seems like a large waste of paper since there are only 2 cards per page. I may just have him write them on index cards.....

    Do your "students" have a notebook and take notes during the lesson? or do they just do the lesson then take the quiz?

    I am sure i will have more questions as i dig deeper. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Default Re: Newbie with some questions....

    welcome to the group amy!!

    you're going to find that everyone here does things a little bit differently, and that's the beauty of this program. you don't "have" to do it any one way.

    but specifically to your questions ... you can view the lesson plans from the parent log in page (but i never do, i just plan it out as i go along).

    i don't print out the vocab cards - writing them down on an index card is a good idea. we have so much vocabulary at the end of a week with other stuff we do, it would get too much. we have a vocab notebook.

    jack hasn't had to take notes during a lesson yet - but i know many who do.

    hth, hit us with any other questions you have, its why we're all here.
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    Default Re: Newbie with some questions....

    I am new to using Time 4 Learning for Homeschool and have a question. My son is in the 5th grade level Time 4 Learning program. Since my state, Alabama, requires a "cover" school I have to report his grades every Quarter. The problem I am having is that for Math, when I try to retrieve his scores for THAT quarter so I can average them for a QUARTER grade, I am finding that the scores are not as accurate as I thought. It seems that a score is given for the "learning" portions as well as the "learning activities" so, if my son scores low as he is learning this is reflected in total score AND there does not seem to be any EXAMS. I am sure I am just over-looking something so, does someone have any suggestions on how I can get a more accurate assessment?

    Also, I have noticed that in MATH, when a section is done it is marked "completed." Well, some other subjects are marked "completed," then "Mastered." Does Math ONLY use "completed" status and NOT "mastered?"

    HELP me get on the right track, please!!! I do not mean to sound stupid so just bare with me, ha!

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this. :-\

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