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Thread: NEWBIE to T4L

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    Default NEWBIE to T4L

    First, let me say hello to all of you and thank you for all the information I have gathered thus far from these forums. I do have a few questions that hopefully some of you experienced T4L'ers can answer.

    (1) Are there any plans in the future for T4L to expand their curriculum to include 9th - 12th grade levels in some sort of online learning system?
    (2) What curriculum have some of you used after finishing T4L's 8th grade level?
    (3) Those of you who have used T4L as a core homeschooling curriculum... what is the main subject you have felt needed additional supplement if any

    I am really excited about T4L, especially for my son. We have tried many different homeschooling curriculums only to have him bored and discouraged. He tried T4L and was actually engaged and excited about it ... YEA!!!!!

    Thanks in advance for any advice!
    Tammy in Sunny Arizona
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    Hi, Tammie. Welcome!

    Here's a thread you might be interested in that addresses your question concerning high school: ... igh+school

    Hopefully others will be along to share their experiences regarding your other two questions.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Several of Compass Learning high school courses are from Thinkwell. Homeschoolers may purchase courses individually and they are relatively reasonably priced (as high school curriculum goes). Check out for their individual courses. They do not have nearly the number of courses Compass Learning offers on their high school site however it's certainly a place to start.

    We are currently using T4L with our dd but her older brother is now doing high school and college level work. Here are some resources we really like for high school (or others have recommended to us):

    - videotext interactive - ds really liked this series
    - - math $20/month
    - - courses and materials

    Language Arts
    - Total Language Plus literature guides (includes spelling, vocab, analysis, comprehension, dictation, writing)
    - Lightning Literature & Composition (with what looks like a great emphasis on writing instruction)

    - Apologia science series (creation based). We ordered all the lab supplies from They have great lab supply lists correlated for a number of different curriculums.

    We also use (sister site more for home use is for streaming videos. They have thousands and it's a wonderful resource! We use it all the time.

    Another upper level free resource is (organized as courses) or (same material but organized topically). You might also be interested in the Annenberg project that contains many courses available free online:

    There is a lot out there. Just need to figure out how your student best learns and how you teach/facilitate, etc.

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    The question about what programs to use to supplement Time4Learning is one that interests us.

    First of all, it depends alot of the grade level. Lets pick second grade language arts as an example:

    1. Handwriting - Most kids still need alot of handwriting work at that stage.
    2. Journaling - This can be an exercise of enormous value and can have any of a number of different orientations. For some families, it is an exercise is self-expression. Others use the journal as daily practice in writing. It can used to reinforce all the other lessons of the day. etc etc. Most families journal in one form another.
    3. Chapter book reading - Time4Learning has a powerful language arts programs but it could be supplemented with more reading and perhaps, with a spelling program.
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