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    Default newby to time4learning

    Hello, we just signed on yesterdat and are hoping this will be a good fit for our 7th grader. I have searched around quite a bit but still dont understand exactly how to log in the assignments for her. so that when she logs in she will see the you have an assignment icon. what am I missing here? thanks.

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    I see that you found your answer on another thread, but I'll still answer here, in case someone clicks on this thread looking for that answer in the future.

    WELCOME, by the way! I started Time4Learning with my own (at that time) seventh grade son . . . who has now graduated from high school and has a year of college under his belt.

    Time4Learning uses a program designed by CompassLearning, who only provides it to schools. Time4Learning has purchased a license that allows them to offer it to individuals. The Assignments function was designed to be used by a classroom teacher, so it isn't functional for individuals or families. Instead, Time4Learning provides a flashing arrow to point the way! Additional planning help is available in the Getting Started Guide, under the Help/FAQs tab at the top of this page, and also within your parent login.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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