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    Question No New Lessons Showing Up

    I am having a lot of trouble understanding how to use Time4Learning. Something about the underlying set-up escapes me. I have looked at all the links on that help page for new users and don't find them particularly insightful. But, I am slow to understand at times, so perhaps it's just me. My most pressing issue is with my second grade daughter. I set up her account over a month ago. She has completed all the science and social studies Lessons. They are all marked completed with a green check mark. Yet, no new lessons have been given to her. (Also, right now, I cannot get my return key to function in this text box - very annoying.) So, does this mean that the handful of science/social studies lessons are all there are for her grade? Does this mean that Time4Learning DOESN'T automatically move my children along as they complete activities? Or is there something I am supposed to be doing in the parental controls that I cannot figure out? TIA for any help.

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    Hi, Katrina. Time4Learning provides a complete language arts and math curriculum. Science and social studies are available for most grades, as a free bonus. The second grade science and social studies lessons cover the basics, but are supplemental activities.

    Here is how I handled science and social studies for my second graders. During the first part of the school year, I had them complete both the first grade AND second grade science lessons. I also had them work through the core language arts program (without the extensions).

    By the second part of the school year, they had finished the core language arts program and all available first and second grade science and social studies lessons. They were ready to begin the language arts extensions, which are all organized around terrific science and social studies topics (like planets, recycling, native Americans, etc.) As they worked through each language arts extensions unit, we would check out library books on that topic. I would also occasionally print coloring pages for them on the topic of study, or find a related DVD or YouTube video. In this way, they were studying science, social studies, and language at the same time.

    When a student finishes a grade level for a certain subject, you need to log in as a parent and adjust their grade level for that subject. This does not automatically change.

    You can also log in as a parent and look at the lesson plans/scope and sequence to see how many activities are available for each subject.

    I hope this helps answer some of your questions.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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