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Thread: Odyssey Writer Help

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    Default Odyssey Writer Help

    Could someone better explain the use of Odyssey Writer? My child has used a couple of time now, but I don't 100% see the point or understand what it's trying to do. I've looked over some of her paragraphs they could be better, but it's not a graded assignment and if I say something she'll get edgy.
    If I had a better understanding of its use that would be very helpful.

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    The Odyssey Writer is a word processing component that students can access to respond to prompts within the curriculum or to generate an original piece of writing. Within the Odyssey Writer, there are several tools for children to use for prewriting and editing strategies, from graphic organizers to note cards. Parents can access a rubric through the Odyssey Writer to assess student writing samples.

    This video may be helpful: http://youtu.be/r9HcdOmYVuo
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    Hi, hzritter. Odyssey Writer is used from grades three and up. If the student has a writing assignment, the Writer will pop up when they access that activity. They should click on the little icon at the lower, left of the "paper" they will type on, which will automatically paste the instructions for that assignment into the assignment. Then, they start typing.

    They should click the "Hand In" icon at the top, right of the Writer (looks like a hand with a little piece of paper). They will then be prompted to "turn in" the assignment to a fictitious teacher. They can choose any one, because they aren't real.

    This doesn't actually turn the assignment in, but it does cause it to be marked as completed and, more importantly, to show up in their report as a link. When you view her report, if you notice an Odyssey Writer link, you can click it to view it online and give verbal feedback or to print it and provide her with a written grade.

    Since you are her teacher, she needs to listen to your feedback. It might help if she understands that, while there is no "answer key" for a writing assignment, there are parts of writing that are legitimately right or wrong (such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation). Much of the other critique is subjective; it will be your opinion of the effectiveness of her writing. It's a good idea to get LOTS of feedback about our writing. You might occasionally suggest that she get feedback on the more subjective aspects of her writing from a few more people.

    The purpose of Odyssey Writer, in addition to providing composition practice, is to give the student an opportunity to put their answers in their own words. It's sometimes easy to choose the "right answer" from a selection of three or four possibilities . . . or to randomly guess "true" or "false" . . . but putting the answer into their own words shows they REALLY understand. That's why subjects besides language arts often have writing assignments.

    Good luck in guiding your child's writing!
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