Odyssey Writer and Setting up Lessons, HELP!!
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    Question Odyssey Writer and Setting up Lessons, HELP!!

    We started Time4Learning recently and I'm confused. So far my son has been choosing his lessons for the day, completing them and moving a long at his own pace. It seems like he's moving too slow to finish by the end of the year. Also, he hasn't mastered some of the lessons and received a poor grade. Lastly, the Odyssey writer, what am I supposed to do with this? I was under the impression that there would be lessons using this but that apparently isn't the case. Am I supposed to come up with my own writing lessons for using this? How can I create a list of assignments I would like him to do on a daily basis? How can I reschedule assignments he's done poorly on?

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    Any lesson can be done as many times as needed. All attempts will appear on the student's report. Graded activities' scores will be averaged in to the final score.

    Odyssey Writer begins being used about halfway through grades 3-8. It will automatically pop up when a writing assignment is given. Your student needs to click "Hand In" to have the completed assignment appear on his reports. Be sure he doesn't click Hand In before he is finished with it. When you notice an Odyssey Writer assignment in his reports, it will appear as a link, so you can click on it and view what he has written, or print and manually grade it. It's helpful if you tell your student to use the option of including the assignment's instructions in his writing. That way, you know what he was told to write about.

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