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    Default Offline Books?

    I'm wondering about the "offline books" spoken of in the "Parent Administration" page.

    #1 - How do we know when to plan to start reading these books? Are they introduced somehow or do we just watch the lesson plans and figure out when to start reading?

    #2 - Isn't there a list of books for 7th grade? If the LA curriculum for 7th grade is complete, shouldn't there be a list of books there as well?

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    Most of the required reading is included online, with your student's lessons. In seventh grade, the literature selections are presented as excerpts your student can read on the computer. There are a few cases where they are instructed to find "a biography" or some other general type of book at the library to read. So, there would really be no need for a book list for seventh grade.

    In grades where offline books are used, the language arts extension lesson associated with each book will clearly tell the student when to begin reading it.

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