Our experience with T4L so far
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Thread: Our experience with T4L so far

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    Smile Our experience with T4L so far


    This is my first post here on the forum, although we started using Time4Learning in 2016. My kid is 11, and we don't live in an English-speaking country, nor do we speak English at home
    We use T4L only as a supplemental curriculum (I'd very much prefer homeschooling, but it is in not accepted in the country where we live, unfortunately). My daughter just turned 8 years then, and English is her third language that she began learning at 5. So she started at the Kindergarten level on T4L, and is now in 4th grades.
    She takes all LA+LA Extensions, most of Science and some Social Studies. We decided to leave Math this year as she began at another online programme on "advanced"/deeper level, so we just don't need it here anymore, but she liked the Math lessons as well.
    (She studies online even though she does go to a regular school, but they don't seem to teach that much there: they play, watch tv every day - news, movies and tv series, and play lots of computer games like minecraft.. I'm really not sure why they need to go to school, they don't even socialize that much. It's pretty frustrating. Many parents either move their kids to very expensive private schools, or use online educational platforms.)

    Well, I suddenly realized that for us T4L is a perfect curriculum. I personally didn't take it too seriously the first two and half years, because of those silly cartoons Originally, we used it to help my daughter learn English. She really enjoyed it and fell in love with some goofy characters, but I just couldn't take it seriously, you know

    So my daughter used T4L in a very relaxed and slow way, we often forgot about it, I had to freeze her account a few times... but then last Summer I decided to look for some "more serious" online school or curriculum. We tried some, but there was always something missing. I've also read this forum and found tips about another website(it was very unusual to see undeleted posts about people moving from T4L to a rival company), we actually tried it, and yes, it looked more serious, but we had to cancel that account a week later as it just didn't work for my daughter. Luckily, we got the money back.
    It doesn't mean she can't handle serious teaching - her current additional math course is organized as a 2-hour webinar twice a week, with a live teacher and some really challenging math problems that the kids have to solve right there, and it works fine so far, as it's both challenging right at her level and not boring.

    So, last Summer I also looked very carefully through all T4L activities at more or less all levels/grades, and then I spent a couple of weeks near my daughter while she was working on her activities... and I was very impressed. They cover almost everything we need, with enough repetitions. And it is done in a funny way my daughter enjoys a lot, so it's actually almost perfect. To be perfect, it would need more history in middle school, f.ex. about the Middle Ages etc., and elective ICT/programming. But that's ok, as there are alternative resourses. There are no 100% ideal curriculums anyway. But I am very happy with this curriculum, especially LA/LA extensions and Science. We'll probably return to Math as well in HS, just to see what's there.

    So, from that moment on I began to create detailed plan every week, which helps a lot to be flexible if something unexpected happens, and to keep track of her progress. It works better for me than student reports alone, which I don't really check every day or even every week. And it's very convenient for my daughter to see only her daily activities.
    We plan now to go through 4-8th grades within the next two years, using only 1-1.5 hours a day all year round.

    I decided to share this only because I read this forum yesterday, and noticed again complaints about the cartoons. I remembered by own doubts, but I have to admit, those crazy cartoons do work like magic. Probably they are more difficult to get used to for older kids, who both aren't familiar with them yet and want to feel more grown-up, so they naturally reject childish-looking stuff. But for those who begin before they are 10 years old, the cartoons will hardly be a problem, on the contrary. Too bad I didn't realize it sooner, we are often too quick to judge. But luckily it wasn't too late for us So I hope this post will help some people who are in doubt.

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    Default Re: Our experience with T4L so far

    Thank you for sharing this.

    My own kids realized the silliness made the lessons easier to remember somehow. At some point, each of them decided they didn't want their friends to see them doing their lessons, though. It seems like the goofier lessons that caused them to roll their eyes are the ones they remembered best!

    We've used TIme4Learning since 2006. I signed up after I tried a few of the lessons myself and learned things I had somehow missed when I was in school. Why are we ashamed to have fun learning?

    Again, thanks for your post. I'll save it to direct members who are uncertain about the cartoon-y nature of some of the lessons to in the future.
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    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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