Partially completed lessons- restarting in the middle?
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    Default Partially completed lessons- restarting in the middle?

    Is it possible to get to the middle of a lesson? For example, my daughter was doing an activity about Ants (2nd grade science) and it seemed to freeze up at page 8 of 10. She left and came back, but then had to wait through each of the first 7 pages (and then it never finished page 8 again, so she gave up on it).

    I understand the basic idea of not wanting kids to be able to just flipflipflip through and pretend they've done a lesson, but on the other hand sometimes you just want to, well, do that... is it not possible?

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    There are several different types of lessons on Time4Learning. The Flash-animated lessons, such as the ant lesson you described, can't be skipped through. How frustrating to have it freeze twice!

    Many of the animated language arts lessons will "ask" whether you want to start over or continue from where you left off if you don't complete them the first time through.

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