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    I am new and have a couple of questions:

    1. When using the program on Friday, we were able to use Peedy parrot fine, now the speaker icon is not available (same lesson). We have enlarged the screen, tried on a different computer etc. Any suggestions?

    2. Is there a way to generate an attendance report?

    3. I see on the report section there is an assignment in progress report, how do you use that, I didn't know you could assign assignments?

    homeschool mom to a 3rd grader

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    Default Peedy Parrot/Reports

    Great questions.

    Occasionally members will contact us with new issues. We can narrow it down to a system issue if we cannot duplicate the problem on our end. Try checking your system requirements by clicking here. Make sure your systems requirements are up to date and there are green check marks placed next to each of them. Once the process is complete try rebooting your computer and see if the speaker icon reappears.

    Our reports section indicates all activities completed, the dates, score and status under the Recent Work tab. If you click under the reports tab it will indicate the duration in time in which it took to complete the acitvity, test or quiz. Parents check the students attendance by looking at the dates next to each activity. There is not a separate attendance section.

    Assignments are used in schools. Since we are a home-based curriculum for individuals the option is not available. Many of our parents find our Hints section very useful. It answers many questions new members have.

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