Prevent my child from seeing her "portfolio"?
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    Question Prevent my child from seeing her "portfolio"?

    Is there a way (maybe is Settings?) that I can turn OFF the "portfolio"/briefcase/score reports link on my daughter's homepage? Just learned she has spent the entire semester logging in briefly under her older sister's account (I just changed the password!) and going into the portfolio to look up sister's quizzes and tests from last year to see which answers were right/wrong. I found it odd that she was earning so many 100%s this year, and now I know why.

    My kids have FASD and RAD, so this behavior is not unusual for them, it's just very frustrating. And the only way to prevent it (unless I can turn off that portfolio/score reports link) is to sit next to them for 3-4 hours each day while they do their school. Popping my head in the door every 30 min or so was apparently not enough.

    I'm making my youngest start her junior year over so that this time she'll actually go through the lessons and EARN her grades rather than cheat. Just need to get rid of the ability to see prior scores (only on HER login, though. I still need to be able to see them.)
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    Default Re: Prevent my child from seeing her "portfolio"?

    The portfolio can't be disabled, but I don't understand why you need to since she can't log in to her sister's portfolio any more. What am I missing?

    Also, quizzes and tests are somewhat different each time they are attempted. A few questions are drawn from a larger bank of potential questions, so she wouldn't be given the exact same test that her sister had. Her test and her sister's test might have a few tests in common, but the assessments are designed to be different every time to prevent a student simply memorizing correct answers.

    For her to be successful doing what you described would take a lot of effort and wouldn't be 100 percent effective anyway. Maybe she really IS learning a lot of the material.

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