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    Default Previewing the lessons

    To keep my 3rd grader more focused on the reading I have been making 'study/reading guides' for her to complete while she reads (not a lot different from some of the worksheets in Math). I would LOVE to be able to be working on these while she is also working, but only 1 of us can be signed in at a time... is there any way to see the activities while she is signed in without kicking her out?

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    Default Re: Previewing the lessons

    Nope. Only one person is allowed to be logged in on an account at a time. If you had two children registered, one child could work on their lessons and you could use the other child's account to preview. I just mention this so no one reading misunderstands and thinks that two (or more) children can't be doing lessons at the same time.

    If your student is signed in doing lessons, and you sign in on THAT CHILD'S account, it will log the student out of his lessons.

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