printing out reports?
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    Default printing out reports?

    I am thinking of printing out a report for each child once a month(like a report card).

    Should I do all assignments, or just tests and quizzes?

    Any tips?


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    The reports are customizable, so you can print the kind that suits your own preference or the reporting requirements of your school district.

    There are probably unlimited ways to manage reports. These days, I'm printing a monthly report for each child, by subject. I include all activities, quizzes, and tests.

    At the end of the school year, I intend to print a report (by subject) that includes all nine months.

    I'll be interested to learn what others do, too.

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    What I do is print out a 'report' for 'all' classes once a week.
    And I print out the daily work for each week. I print each week, because I transfer the grades here to a planner I have called 'homeschool tracker'.
    I don't know if I"ll ever print the subjects out separately, or change from a week to a month.
    To me it's just easier to do it this way for listing all work and grades on the homeschool tracker.

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