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    Question Problems Navigating the Site

    We are new to T4L and it looks great so far! We are also new to homeschooling. We live in a remote part of Alaska and my son and his 2 boys have had to move out here temporarily, since there is no school we chose T4L. My hubby is a retired teacher and we are working with our grandsons on doing this.

    I am having some problems being able to monitor what the kids are doing since there cannot be 2 people logged into the student account at the same time. My youngest needs a lot of help with reading, etc. Evidently he has never been taught phonics, so his reading level is about 2nd grade and he is 11. I need to be able to sit with him and help him read so he can understand various words, etc. Is there a way for him to be logged in on his laptop and me to log in from my computer so I can help him?

    Also, I found that the activity sheets can be printed from the students main page, but how do I get to the answer sheets and lesson plans from the parent login. All I can find under that login is basic information on everthing but no actual links to anything but reports.

    If anyone could offer any suggestions, I would sure appreciate it. BTW, for now I will be doing most of the communicating on the forum, but after they move back to Fairbanks, my son will be helping the kids, so you will see him on here. We are all excited about this new experience!

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    I'm sorry, but I don't understand why you need to be logged in separately from your student in order to monitor what he is doing. Do you want to be able to watch them work from a separate location? Unfortunately, that isn't possible. You can check their progress by accessing the Recent Work tab in the portfolio. All program access appears there . . . even incomplete lessons.

    I just sit next to my younger kids and we both view the same monitor.

    When you log in as a parent, the lesson plans are beneath the top link in the right sidebar. Answer keys are printable from within the lesson plans.
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