Program not holding my kids intrest.
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    Default Program not holding my kids intrest.

    I have a very quick 4.5 year old who taught himself how to read and is working very competently at the first grade level. In fact we were able to skip the first few lesson in language arts. Luckily I'm only on a two week trial because these lessons do not seem to be holding his attention at all. He will start a lesson (If I ask him too) and get bored with it halfway through. I was hoping that this would be a resource he would choose to use on his own, unfortunately it's not turning out that way and its only been three days. Not long enough for the newness to wear off. Also I can't seem to figure out how to set assignments. I was thinking maybe that would help him to have a little list of things to do. Any suggestions? Because of his age we are 100% free will learning. So I don't asking him to get it done.

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    Hi! The Assignments function is designed for school use, so it doesn't work for individuals. Time4Learning has provided an Activity Scheduler and a flashing arrow to point the way, but neither of those will help you if you choose to do activities in other than the recommended sequence. Some people print the lesson plans/scope and sequence and circle what they want their student to do each day, checking off each item as completed.

    Your child might enjoy some of the lessons at other levels. If he is working on the first grade lessons, he has easy access to kindergarten and second grade, too.The preschool program might have some lessons that are too basic, but there are also some good online books and videos at that level.

    At four, children need a lot of repetition to retain what they have learned. Also, a four-year-old should only be doing an hour or so a day of work on the computer. The rest of the time can be filled with active play, creative play, blocks, sandbox, Legos, clay, painting, etc.

    Much luck to you both!

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    The reason it is not holding his interest is not just because of his age but partly because he is too smart. One thing you might try is using a big dry erase board. That always helped with me.

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