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    Default progress report question

    hi there i am new and getting to know T4L , this might b a dumb question but on the progress report, the key at the top shows the green bar as passed, the red as failed and the blue says "scored" what does that mean? there is a percentage and if i based myself on that some of it would be considered failed?! can someone exlplain? there must be an expl. somewhere but i tend to get lost on computer land until i get familiar with websites (am i the only one here?)

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    Hi, Cindy. Welcome!

    Quizzes and tests will get the "passed" or "failed" designation. Activities that aren't quizzes and tests are just scored, meaning graded, without a "pass" or "fail".

    To make matters even more confusing, some activities are NOT scored. They are designed to TEACH, not to allow practice or to assess, so there is no way to score them. (Compare the teaching activities to a teacher's lecture, or assigned reading from a textbook. You can indicate that it was done, but you can't really score it.)

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