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    Default Progress report question

    Well, today was my first day using time4learning with my 7 yr. old and 4 yr. old. and they loved it. I was thrilled when my daughter finally seemed to get the whole idea of place values!

    My problem came when I went to log back in to see her results/progress for the day. I hope I did it correctly, but I logged back in under her name and went to where I was directed for today's activity. The screen then welcomed me, saying that this was Anna's first time logging in and gave no record of her work today.

    I know that she completed her first 2 lessons and took 2 different tests today because I was with her for much of this time. Can anyone tell me what is going on?

    Tracie, mom of 2 angels (most of the time)

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    This sounds like a bug of some sort. Is this problem still there? If so, could you email or call [email protected] ? 954 781-7723

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