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    Default Q. on Assessments / Personalization

    I was wondering if there is anywhere on time4learning where you can do an on-line assessment of your child's skills and have the selection of exercises automatically personalized for your child? Every kid has his own strengths / weaknesses so it would be good to emphasize the areas where they need the most help. There are a lot of exercises!

    Thanks for any replies !

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    Default Re: Q. on Assessments / Personalization

    Time4Learning doesn't have placement tests. Parents usually place their students in the levels they "think" they should be in. It's a simple matter to move up or down a level as necessary.

    Some parents have had their children take the quizzes and tests first, to get an idea of grade level placement.

    The lesson plans are a good resource if you are looking for lessons that cover a particular skill.

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    Default Re: Q. on Assessments / Personalization

    If you are interested in having your child skip certain areas, you can always have him do the test first and only return to the lessons for those he did not pass to your satisfaction. Remember, T4L was designed as a school program, where they usually don't do things like skipping lessons. As a parent, you have a lot more control.

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