Question about 7th grade Social studies the states
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    Default Question about 7th grade Social studies the states

    Does anyone know where or if any lessons cover the 50 states?I could'nt find it or the code.


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    Default Re: Question about 7th grade Social studies the states

    Fifth grade covers the states in the context of the area they inhabit. For instance, students will study all of the New England States . . . then the Midwest . . . Great Plains . . . major rivers . . . etc.

    Some people like to "teach" each state's bird, flower, flag, major exports, etc., taking one state a week or on a similar schedule. I used to do that, but my goal is to teach in a way that my kids will retain the information, instead of just "learn" it long enough to pass a quiz. I found that material presented that way didn't stick the way I wanted it to. If you do want to do the state-by-state drill, this type of thing is available for free all over the Internet.

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