Question! Tired of scrolling through the up & asking :) Sorry!
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    Default Question! Tired of scrolling through the up & asking :) Sorry!

    Okay, so my family has been using this program for about a month & we really like it. It provides a lot of comfort to me since I am new to the HS thing! But I did find a History & Science curriculum that I love! Its Christian based & I know my kids will love it. I am a little nervous about going it alone as far as curriculum for these two subjects, but I think I want to! Just not sure how it works for my 3rd grader. My first grader has very little S.S. & science anyway in T4L, but 3rd grader has a lot, so I don't want to add to the T4L curriculum as I think it would just overwhelm her. I am thinking of just having them work on Math, LA & LA ext- and doing the others with me. But I am not sure how that works...should I just not have them do it...or would that affect their grades....or present an issue for them/me in anyway? Any insight offered would be greatly appreciated! : )

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    A lot of people use Time4Learning for selected subjects. If you want, you can even request to have the science and social studies icons removed from their launch pads.

    The only affect that will have on their grades is that they won't receive grades for those two subjects.

    I agree that doing two science and social studies programs would be too much . . . except perhaps in the case of your first grader. The first grade science and social studies lessons are quick and fun, and are usually nice supplements to any program. You could use them if she enjoys them.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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