question and wondering about the printables
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    Default question and wondering about the printables

    Ok so I found the Parent/teacher answers to the worksheets/printables. Where are the ones for the student...without the answers? are they in the student section? I hesitate to go under her name much because I noticed everytime I click on anything it is marked without a grade... n/a.... Will she be marked down for this? Meaning will the program take the average of the "missed assignment/incomplete with the one she actually does? Does that even make sense to anyone? sorry... It is late but I want to get started on this and the more I know the better it will go with the kiddo
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    Hi, Kim. This explains where to find the printables. You do sign in as your student to view them. Anything you look at will show up on her Recent Work tab, but recent work only stays there for one day. It's intended for you to do a quick check of what your student has been up to.

    You will probably print her reports from the Reports tab. Your parent previews will not show up under her Reports tab, unless you mark the lesson activities as complete. Click here for information that will help you avoid marking her lessons as complete.

    Lesson activities that aren't complete won't be included in her grade average at all, so you don't have to worry about affecting her grade with your preview.

    Some lesson activities are non-graded and will appear on your student's report with an N/A instead of a grade. This simply means it was an activity designed to TEACH instead of to ASSESS. Compare it to a teacher, standing in front of the class, actively teaching a new concept. A pupil in school would not be graded for that, and your student isn't graded on learning activities, either.

    Do read the rest of the Hints, too. They are very helpful.

    Sometimes it's a lot to take in at first, but you'll be feeling really comfortable with it all within a couple of weeks.

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    I found some student printouts with the answer keys and teaching guides. I do not know if these are the same as you find under the students' resourse. I am new and still learning my way around.
    The guides for the literature books seem to be very indepth. Under the math section that I browsed through there is even a chanting game to play with your child if they are having a hard time getting the concept or just for fun and reinforcement.
    I just keep getting more and more amzed at what is offered. And having this forum is great for learning even more. Thank you Jenn and all the rest of you for helping us out.

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    Maybe I'm confused, but when I preview lessons before my son does them, I don't mark them as complete but they have still shown up on his reports as not completed. Anything I preview I would like for it not to show up on his report. I'm not talking about daily work, I am talking about the weekly and monthly reports.

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