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    Very new to time4learning. I had my son log-in and click on the math tab. He then did the whole # thing, took like three quizes and 1 test.
    Does that count as 1 lesson?
    I tried to calculate and for the fourth grade he is supposed to have 259 activities.
    How do I know when he does an "activity"?
    I looked at his portfolio, but I am just
    I know he is supposed to do like 2 "activities" a day to full fill his 40 week school year.
    I hope this makes sense
    becky Long

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    Hi, and welcome!

    Be sure to read the Getting Started Guide and all of the Hints. They can clear up a lot of confusion from the start.

    Each numbered item that shows up as completed in his portfolio is an activity. Be sure you're viewing the actual Reports and not the Recent Work (look at the tabs at the top when in his portfolio).

    When your student logs in and keeps clicking wherever the arrow points, he eventually gets to something to do or read. THAT ONE THING is an activity (technically a "lesson activity").

    We usually think of a "lesson" as the amount of material covered in one sitting but, in Time4Learning, one "lesson" can take several days. It's just a matter of semantics. The subjects are broken down into chapters, which are broken down into lessons. Each lesson contains several lesson activities, and a student may only do one or two lesson activities per day.

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