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    Hi,I'm a newbie to Time4learning..I had used it some at the end of last year for one of my kids and am going to use it for both of my kids this year. So far,so good. I have one quick question though. Is there any way to go back and let them redo a lesson that they failed? Or if they need to go back and re-read something in a lesson before they answer the questions can they do that and how would I go about doing that? Any input on this? Thanks,Twyla Downs

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    They can simply access the lesson again through their launchpad, the same way they did the first time. . Or, they can input the lesson activity number into the Activity Finder.

    If they simply want to review before a test, make sure they don't mark the activity as complete again, so it doesnt get scored and appear on their reports.

    If they re-do an activity, all attempts appear on their reports and the scores for all attempts are averaged in to the total. A re-do doesn't replace the original attempt. This is consistent with the way colleges and public schools score multiple attempts.

    Some homeschooling parents want the initial attempt disregarded in the total score. You can calculate totals any way you like, using the information in the reports. I just cross out things I want disregarded and mark in my own grade. My kids' reports are covered with my chicken scratches!

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