Questions items needed for curriculum and out of the states CD's?
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    Default Questions items needed for curriculum and out of the states CD's?

    My son is in third grade and is there a list of required items that we could get for the science or social studies? Is there a way we can get a list of items needed before we start the curriculum? i.e. one of the lessons state "get your science notebook."

    Also, we have moved out of the U.S. and wondered if Time4Learning had the lessons available on CD's because the internet access is very bad and has limited time spent on the internet and does not handle the streaming video very well. We have tried and tried to get on your site - it's almost like they have blocked your site intentionally because of the streaming video.

    Thank you for your time!

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    When you log in as a parent, you will be able to access several helpful resources. One of them is a supply list!

    The program is not available on DVD, but your login trouble could be due to site issues stemming from severe weather conditions in Time4Learning's area over the past couple of days. This seems to be resolved, so please try again.

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