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    Default Quick ? about activities per day/week

    I just want to make sure I understand this so I'm asking We just signed up for T4L and so far so good. I see how to figure out how many activities to do each day for each subject but I want to make sure I understand what exactly an activity is. I'll take 2nd grade math. There are 120 activities for the grade. The Lesson Plans say that Ch. 1 Lesson 1 has 3 activities called The Big Deal, The Great Stamp-ede, & Tutorial: Place Value. So are each of those considered an activity? What about the quiz? Is it also considered an activity making a total of 4 activities for Ch. 1 Lesson 1 then?

    If I'm understanding this wrong please let me know.

    Thanks so much!
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    Default Re: Quick ? about activities per day/week

    You are correct about what is considered an activity. The quizzes are counted separately, though. I have my kids do the quiz as soon as they finish the associated activities, so I don't even include them in my total when I'm estimating how many activities I want them to do. Some people choose to add the number of quizzes and tests into their total activity count, and that's okay too. In that case, your student might finish the activities one day and do the quiz the following day. I find that my children are more likely to remember to do the quizzes if I have them do them right away, because the arrow will proceed to the next activity, whether the quiz has been completed or not.

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    Default Re: Quick ? about activities per day/week

    ugh, we've been having that issue here ... jack was finishing up a lot of retakes and stuff before his year ends and i discovered about 20 quizzes that he hadn't taken. the big issue arose because he was lying to me about it. :P
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