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    Default quiz problems

    As my 3rd grader has taken some quizes, she has come to me and asked me why she has gotten some wrong.

    I went back through the lessons to see where she found her answer and then back to the quiz and she should have gotten them right.

    This was very upsetting to her and I assured her that as long as we both knew she knew the correct answer that all was well.

    Should we email or call if we find that an answer to a quiz is wrong?

    Secondly, why do some lessons get marked masterd and other completed when she scored 100% in all lessons, quizes and tests? Just a glitch?

    My third question is after reading over the Spelling word list pages, where do we find the spelling word activities and printable worksheets?

    I compared some of the printables with word banks to the spelling word lists and only 2-3 out of 10 corresponded. Am I missing something in the site?

    I'm using this with my Kinder as review (she finished K curric. already) and I'm trying to catch my 3rd grader up. I found that after finishing almost all of her Word Building books that she mastered the tests at the time, she now misses too many in her other work.


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    Default Re: quiz problems

    I too have experienced quiz/test discrepancies, where my son got his answer marked wrong, that was definitely correct. I emailed Time4learnings support a detailed explanation as to why we felt that the answer was unjustly marked incorrect. I asked them to please delete the test and forward my explanation to Compass Learning Odyssey. They graciously responded saying that they are currently unable to change/delete grades on accounts because they do not have access. However, they would forward the explanation to Compass Learning Odyssey. So, I told my son as long as we know it is right, the grade doesn't matter...he knows the material. Although, it is our duty to forward these explanations, so Compass Learning Odyssey can update and make changes.

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    We have used Compass Odyssey in the past, for three years, skipping last year. I found this Time4Learning accidentally and recognized it as Compass Odyssey and signed up again.
    Yes, soemtimes your child will get an answer right and the Program will tell them they got it wrong. It has ben my experience that we personally, our complaints make zero impact on Compass Odyssey as we are "small fry"...the big schools who use the programs have to make the complaints. Most are eventually corrected, but usually far after we have moved on.

    I simply use it as a an example to my son that even computers don't know it all, and it is also a great way to teach kids the GIGO concept. "Garbage In, Garbage Out" If he answers correctly and the program scores him wrong, I adjust his grade accordingly. He loves the program as a whole and having it wrong occasionally gives him a feeling of superiority, lol....

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