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    Default quiz/test problems

    My 1st grade, HFA son is becoming discouraged (and so am I) when he is asked a question on the math quizzes, tests, and the resource pages that were not covered in the lesson. Being autistic he is obsessed with order and being correct. Having to answer a question not covered in the material is very frustrating to him. It also throws me for a loop as I have to offer him a spur-of-the-moment mini-lesson.

    It seems the quizzes and tests often make a big leap from the information covered in the lessons and ask assume the child has gone beyond the info presented in the lesson. Do the quizzes and tests serve more than one grade level and that is why we face this problem?

    Can anyone share experience or recommendations on this? We are doing 1st Grade Language and Math. My son loves T4L and looks forward to his daily online lessons. We are so happy to have found this program.


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    Default Incongruency in Tests and Quizzes

    Here we are again today with my High Functioning Autistic 7 yr old nearly in tears over Time 4 Learning. He buzzed through the addition/subtraction unit of 1st grade math with no problems. But while taking the unit quiz he was presented with word problems containing the phrases "INCREASED BY" and "DECREASED BY" -- neither of which were used in the unit presentation and he was expected to understand what those meant??? This experience totally deflates and discourages him. I strive to use the quiz and test portions to truly guage his knowledge of each subject by having him complete those on his own -- But find I can not do so because the tests continually throw him a curve ball.

    I fully realize that it is my son's communication disorder that makes this a continuing problem. His autism makes it hard for him to pick up new words and understand them. The reason for my post is to bring this to the attention of other families similiar to ours. I also feel that T4L might back off marketing to "special needs" families so heavily until the testing portion of your program is more congruent with the material you present.

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    First of all, I'm sorry. I wish our system was better but of course, we have limited ability to get everything done. And I see why you would find this lack of tight linking between the tests and preceeding lessons to be disruptive.

    We have made several changes thru the years based on feedback from parents of autistic. Mostly, it consisted of removing features which had students following unpredictable paths or repeating lessons. These changes were actually implemented for everyone and is now the default set up for using Time4learning.

    Offline, I'll check into the specific cases that you are finding. This can happen because of changes in curriculum over the years where lessons develop technical problems or are updated for some reasons and there is not an airtight link between the asessments and lessons.

    Have you thought of previewing the lessons and tests using the teaching guides and answer keys (available when you login as a parent)? Or maybe just not using the assessments?
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    Default Test/Quizzes

    Thanks for responding. I do try to preview his lessons, but not the testing portion so as not to effect his reports. I will look more closesly at the guides you suggested to see if I can eliminate/deflect as much confusion as possible. Thank you so much for reading my posts and responding. Eileen

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