Quizes and scope and sequence
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    Default Quizes and scope and sequence

    When doing level 1 math after the lesson it will say okay now it is time to take a quiz and it will load a quiz. My question is, is that the same quiz that is listed seperately on the main screen, or is this a different one?

    Also, are there #s for the quizes that you can input directly into the learning activity #s?

    I know there is a Lesson plan that you can print out but is there a list of all the activities AND the quizes and test?


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    No, that is not the same test.

    It's easier to understand this if you have a copy of the first grade math lesson plans in front of you.

    Look at the column headings. A CHAPTER is made up of several LESSONS. A LESSON is made up of one or more LESSON ACTIVITIES.

    There will be a quiz after each LESSON that covers only the information presented in that lesson. There will also be a test at the end of each CHAPTER, which covers information presented in all of the lessons within that chapter.

    These quizzes and tests are not shown on the lesson plans, but it's easy to see where to expect them. In first grade math, the first CHAPTER is Number Sense, which is made up of eight LESSONS. Expect a test at the end of Number Sense. In addition to that, expect quizzes at the end of each LESSON within Number Sense. The LESSONS each have a Lesson Code, a Title and Description, and one or more Lesson Activities listed.

    The quizzes and tests cannot be input in the Activity Finder the way the Lesson Activities can.

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