Re assining Quizes and Tests?
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Thread: Re assining Quizes and Tests?

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    Default Re assining Quizes and Tests?

    Is it possible to have a child retake a non passing test or quiz?

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    Sure. Just click on the icon and have them do it again. They can be taken as many times as necessary.

    When you generated a report, each attempt will appear on the report, and all scores will be averaged in to the final average. That is how schools do it, since they don't want to award the same grade to a student who scored well the first time as to a student who required multiple attempts.

    As a homeschool parent, you are free to ignore the program's average and calculate a score your own way. What this has meant for my kids is that I print out a report, cross through all but the final attempt at any activity, and average only the scores I want to count into my own final grade.
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