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    Default Read Questions Out Loud?

    I have a Son in 3rd Grade and a Daughter in 1st Grade.

    When my Son logs in to his 3rd grade account and takes quizzes, the questions are read out loud.

    When my Daughter logs in to her 1st grade account and takes the quizzes, the questions are not read out loud. Is there a setting or option I need to choose that I've missed.


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    I have a similar question, so I'm going to tag along on this thread. We have a 5th grader who needs the lessons read out loud. Is that an option with this curriculum?

    (I sent an email yesterday requesting information on that, but I think I typed my email address in incorrectly.)


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    How odd, I was going to ask the same question also. My son had cataracts in both eyes when he was born. He wears coke bottle glasses and cannot always follow the screen. Having the questions read aloud and the answers when he passes the mouse over them would be great. We started in 1st grade math and 2nd grade LA. Some of it is read aloud and some is not. Is there a program that would read all of it aloud? Thanks. Regina

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    Here is some information about a reader that Time4Learning recommends: Natural Reader The free version has a somewhat robotic-sounding voice, but it's adequate for many students.

    This type of reader does not work on the flash-based lessons. This seems to be a problem mostly in second grade science and social studies. Fortunately, the flash-based science and social studies lessons are very short and quite enjoyable, so most parents can find the ten minutes necessary to sit with their student and help with reading just for those lessons. (Yes, I know it's hard to find even ten minutes sometimes.

    Funschool, which quizzes are not being read aloud to your first grader? I'm unaware of any first grade lessons that absolutely require reading. If I know the specific lesson, I will try to help you troubleshoot.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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