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    Default Reading LA Ext

    I have just discovered Peedy! That is so great to have.

    Now, is there any component that will read the LA Ext lessons for 3rd grade?

    I read on one of the peedy forums about how there is supposed to be a way to have them read already built in to the lessons. I assume that means different from Peedy.

    I am anticipating better grades with my son being able to hear the text instead of struggling through reading it himself. Yay!

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    Many of the regular language arts lessons have read-aloud capabilities built in (or are just designed to be listened to instead of read).

    Some of the text-based language arts extensions can be read by Peedy. You will know by the speaker icon at the top.

    I just looked at the third grade extensions. The first three lesson activities are animated and designed for your student to listen to. All of the others I clicked on can be read by Peedy. I didn't click on every single one, so there might be some surprises hiding out in there.

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    Default LA Extensions

    I have been struggling with this since we began using T4L. My son is not a strong reader, and needs help reading. So far we haven't been able to use Peedy in the 4th level of LA Extensions, and find it very frustating. I tried downloading Natural Reader on his computer which is exactly the same as mine, and it would not work. (Tried several times.) It worked on my computer, however, it would not work for the LA Extensions. Why is there no consistency of being able to have the readings read throughout the whole curriculum? Especially for a subject that is all reading. Also, I am disappointed that there isn't the captivating aspect in LA Extensions that is used for the Language Arts. You would think with a subject like LA Extensions that can seem so boring that they would liven it up a bit. I signed up for T4L because the demos showed this aspect. An aspect I need for my children to be able to learn.

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