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    Default Reading Suggestion

    I've just started homeschooling my 9 yo dd. (My 12 yo ds has been working with T4L since the beginning of October for math, science and some LA. It's been very successful for him.) My dd has been recently diagnosed with dyslexia/dysgraphia, so working on the computer will be easier for her than writing. However, she has difficulties with reading and comprehension.

    Today I wanted to begin social studies, but decided not to sit with her at the computer to read through all the text. Instead of doing that, last night I took all the text from the first lesson on Vikings, printed it out nicely, and this morning we used it for part of our reading practice. She read it first (so I could see how much of it she could actually read) then I read it to her (she has problems retaining anything she reads herself but has a good recall for information she hears.) After that, she sat at the computer, went through the lesson, reread the text (a little out loud, a little to herself) did all the Flash Card printing and pronounciation clickables, took the quiz and did 100% on it. She had such a good start at it she insisted we get books on Vikings at the library today.

    I will be doing this from now on with all her history lessons and probably with all her science lessons. I hope this helps someone else with a child with similar issues.


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    Default That's a great idea!

    Thanks for sharing this idea. My 9-year-old son has difficulty focusing on the reading assignments. This is one area where I need to be more involved, it's really the only issue that we really have with computer learning (well, that and the fact that my son usually likes to choose the wrong response "just to see what happens!")

    We are planning to make a lapbook on Vikings, as the T4L social studies lessons just happened to coincide with great interest in Vikings among him and his friends. I thought that would be a great way to expand the material. We'll be using the T4L printables in it, and have checked out about a hundred Viking books from the library. But he's still not quite really immersing himself in the material, so I had him review the T4L lessons, but he just rushed through. Printing them out will make the difference, I think, because I can better gauge how well he is attending to it and what points grab his interest.


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