Removing a lesson entered by mistake
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    Default Removing a lesson entered by mistake


    I had a quick question on if there is a way to remove a lesson that my son went into by mistake. I had given him a lesson number I wanted him to redo and he put it in wrong so now it is showing a more advanced lesson that is not complete on his lesson records. Is there a way to remove that off myself so it doesn't look like he just didn't complete a lesson? I am still learning how to navigate T4L but we are coming up to speed fairly quickly. It is still light-years better than the computer based curriculum we were using and our son loves it which make it so much easier to get him interested in school.

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    Incomplete lessons will show up in his portfolio under the Recent Work tab, but never fear! Only COMPLETED lessons appear under the Reports tab . . . which is where you want to go to view and print his reports, anyway, since Recent Work only stays there for a maximum of one month. When you log in to his portfolio, just you'll see three tabs across the top. The default is Recent Work, but most parents will want to go to Reports. The Assignments tab is only used by schools.

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