reporter has questions about online education - answers, anyone?
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    Default reporter has questions about online education - answers, anyone?

    Hi -- my name is Hank Pellissier, I am a reporter writing about online education. I have a few questions for students here:
    1) what aspect of online education do you find most beneficial to your learning process? 2) are there certain subjects that you prefer to learn online, over others? 3) do you feel that you are learing faster than kids in traditional schools, and why? THANKS -- and be sure to leave at least your first name so I can quote you

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    I'm bumping this post to the top of the board, so it might catch more users' attention. Also, please know that Mr. Pellissier has permission to post these questions.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    (good thing you ok-ayed this kelly ... i love nothing more than harassing the press muahahahaha)

    1. I'll be honest, it took me a few minutes to figure out how I wanted to answer this question. The only online program I've used is T4L, and I KNOW why I love it, but I also know that not all programs are the same. That being said, I think what is most beneficial to the learning process for my own children is the level of interaction that they receive with this program. My children know the characters that are teaching them, and in that strange way that children bond with cartoon characters, they get excited about what vowel combination they're going to learn about, or what the zany monkey is going to figure out in math. Complicated concepts are broken down and explained at a much better level than I think I could do, and entertains them as well. The interest carries on through the upper grades, and instills an interest in the subject. Remember how much you hated going to one class in high school because you had that one really creepy/mean/odd/insane teacher that ruined the subject? My children don't face that problem! They love how they're learning, and therefore love the subject they're learning.

    2. Again, I have to go back to math. Math is a subject that completely builds upon itself, if you have a major problem with a basic concept, you're going to have major problems throughout school. I think the animated aspect of learning math online is very beneficial my children - who are both very visual learners. When the computer displays numbers actually being moved around, or equations broken down, I think it actually helps them understand and remember the entire process much easier. I feel they are getting so much more out of the process of learning - and enjoying it at the same time!

    3. I KNOW my children are learning faster than their peers - and MORE! Children in traditional schools do not have the opportunity for individual learning. There are sometimes occasions when they are divided into groups according to level, but for the most part, a child can only learn as fast as the slowest learner. At home, my child goes at his own speed, no matter what. My son is in Cub Scouts, and there are 6 other boys in his den. While they are all intelligent guys, none of them are as advanced as my son, or have learned about such a variety of subjects as he has. While they're spending their days lining up for the cafeteria, doing "busy work", or waiting for the teacher to give directions (again) to an assignment (all things I witnessed in my children's classrooms while they were still in public school), my son is exploring worlds, going on field trips, and discovering the "next" step in a subject. My kids don't have to wait in line to go to the bathroom, wait until a specific time during the day to ask me a question, or contend with bullying. Their biggest disruption during the day is when their three-year-old sister sneaks up behind them and tickles them or grabs their pencil ... which is always funny for all parties involved. My children get recess every day, and not just twenty minutes. My children get exposure to art history, foreign languages, amazing science experiments, and so many other special interest subjects. The other children have these interests, but not enough time in the day to address them.

    Mr. Pellissier, I want to thank you for asking our opinion on the subject. It is nice to be able to contribute to such an important subject, and not just seeing what most reporters assume is the answer (as I've seen so many times in my own paper - unfortunately). May I ask who you write for and what is the topic of your article?

    (and for record purposes, my real name is Jessyca - altho you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone around here that calls me that lol)
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    (otherwise known as Jess )

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    This is whay my children had to say

    Warren grade 7 -1) The ability to go at my own pace, I was bored in school and would tend to get myself into trouble by talking. This way I can go at my own speed and get ahead, my goal is to actually skip a grade this year.
    2) I am enjoying the math online, it is visual and I am a visual hands on learner. It is so much better than just listening to a teacher talking. I miss having classes like art and music but my family is making up for that by giving me the chance to take music lessons and join an art club.
    3) I really do feel that I am learning faster than the kids in my old school, I did the home schooling in the early elementary years and I was reading books like Harry Potter before even entering 1st grade, my brother and sister did not have this opportunity and they are struggling in school. I just recently opted to come back to the home schooling option becuase I knew I could learn more in a shorter amount of time. No more wasting half the class because the teacher is too busy yelling at some kids, or punishing us by making us put our heads down. It was a huge waste of time that we could be learning.

    Gabriel grade 2 uses this program for tutoring in addition to going to public school

    1- Gabriel feels he can focus more and he likes that it is interactive. He is very unhappy in school and findsw himself distracted often.
    2- Gabriel loves the online reading, it makes it more fun like a video game he is learning from.
    3- Gabriel said " I am catching up, and trying to get my mom to let me do home schooling all the time."

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    I decided to let Sydney handle this herself.

    I'm Sydney M. I am 12 years old and I have been using on-line curriculums for homeschooling for a little over a year. Before that I used homeschool textbooks. Before that I went to public school.

    Things I like about on-line learning:

    The best thing is that I get feedback right away. When I used textbooks, I would do a big worksheet in math and after it was done and mom got it graded, then I would find out I was doing something wrong. I had to start all over and unlearn a misunderstanding. Public school was worse because it might be days before you get your work back. With my Time 4 Learning math program, it will ask me right in the middle of a lesson to try one. If I get it right, I know I'm on the right track and I go on. If I get it wrong, I back up. (You can do that with the arrow buttom on your computer screen.) How many kids in public school can rewind their teacher if they miss something? I never could. You can also fastforward your teacher if they are going over it one too many times. (I know kids in public school who would do anything for that arrow button.) It's also better than textbooks because I don't have to wait for mom to grade everything before I go on. If I think I got it, I can give myself the test.

    The next best thing is that I can move at my own pace. There was so much wasted time when I went to public school. You were always waiting for something or someone. If we got a test back and I did good but other kids did bad, we would spend an hour going over the test. That's good if you did bad, but it's a waste if you got a good grade. You always feel like you are ready to move on but you can't because someone else didn't get it. With both of my on-line programs, if I got it I can move on. If I didn't do good, we can go back and figure it out.

    Things I think are harder about on-line learning:

    If I have a question, I can't raise my hand and get an answer. I can text my mom and let her know when she gets home from work I need help. I guess if mom didn't work, I could ask her right away.

    It's harder to take my work with me. If I have a long break in between dance classes or something like that, if I had a textbook, it would be easier to take it with me. It's harder with the computer and air card. I do have worksheets that I can use at times like that.

    It is also a little more difficult to review something. You pretty much have to go through the unit again. Textbooks usually have review pages you can use to do a quick review for the test. My mom suggested I make my own review page while I'm going through the units. I do that now in science and use my notes to study before a test. My Time 4 Learning social studies has a lot of worksheets with each unit. I try to do a really good job on the worksheets, and then I can use those to review before a unit test.

    If you need to know anything else about on-line learning, let me know.

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