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    Default Schedule and score report

    I have a huge a headache and did not find this posted.

    So I got tired of worrying of how many more assignments she has to complete before christmas and if we were going to be able to take that month (or however long we get distracted) off. So I printed out a schedule. That is cool, but because I procrastinated on it and ran into printer problems, my daughter has already began her school year.

    Which would not be an issue (most likely) except that my daughter refuses to do her assignments in order. She works so I am not going to change that. She does what she feels like is interesting for the day. Its a fight otherwise and nothing gets done.

    I have not figured out how to change the score report to put it in order of the assignment schedule. Right now its only putting them in order of the days she worked on it. Can I put them in assignment order to fill out my schedule checklist easier?

    I have tried signing in as her to see the stars, but I will have to click through each and every one of them to see what is flashing. Sometimes I think she closes her eyes and clicks and is like, "aww that is the one I will learn today". We all have our different methods I guess.

    If its not possible to change score report order, we will figure it out eventually. I will be like "you have 5 assignments today" And she will be like "but mom I am completely finished"

    OOH which reminds me.... She ends up testing out of a lot of assignments. Do I check those she did not do off as done if unit itself is mastered? Do you mark them differently?

    Thanks for any feed back,

    P.S. Shew I finished marking everything off she finished in the 3rd grade. It was very difficult because she had grades in there for grade 2 and grade 4. My, My, She has been busy on her free days.
    I am hoping I can encourage her to mark off assignments from now on. Tell her to add stickers for mastered items.
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    Hi Brook. The reports and the activity schedule work independently of each other. There is no way for the schedule you generate using the activity scheduler to influence your student's reports.

    When a test is passed, the system itself will mark all the associated lesson activities as "Mastered". Of course, you can choose to do that in your own records or not.

    Sounds like you've been busy with your record keeping!

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