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    My daughter has anxiety attacks that makes it hard for us to stay on a schedule. I have set up my lessons for a regular school year. Due to these attacks we have gotten behind. Do I need to adjust my school year calendar as each week goes by that we didn't finish? She has just been diagnosed with anxiety attacks. So we are new to homeschooling. Thank you!

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    You don't need to use a schedule at all. The activity planner works best for families who have few changes to their routine. You can use the curriculum calculator to get a general idea of how many activities your child needs to do each week if you want to "finish" a level during your school year. For example, I just tell my kids, "Do two language arts, one language arts extension, one science, and one social studies each day." This will vary according to your own goals for your kids, grade level, subject, etc.

    Then, if you miss a day, you can just do a little more the next day, or plan for your school year to be a day longer.

    Don't stress! This is your school and YOU make the rules (subject to your state's homeschool laws). No state's homeschool laws say you have to finish all available material in whatever curriculum you decide to use, and none of them dictate a certain schedule. A few say how many hours your child must do school each day, but if yours wants hours counted, you can count recess, arts and crafts, reading for pleasure, organized sports or casual active play (P.E.), Scouts, 4H, church activities, volunteer work, part time jobs, music lessons, casual parental instruction in things like cooking or auto mechanics, etc.

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