scheduling timed activities?
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Thread: scheduling timed activities?

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    Default scheduling timed activities?

    I have attempted to ask T4L directly about this, but I have yet to get a meaningful answer:

    Is there any way to find out how long a video or collection of smaller clips (like in the "Instruction/Practice" cartoon-clip style lessons) actually lasts? I realize that different kids go through them at different rates for various reasons, but I don't care about that - I know how to schedule the time my specific kids need to work on a task. What I need to know, preferably without having to manually go in and watch each one myself, is how much time is actually taken up by the video or the collected clips themselves? I know there has to be an answer to this, it's a concrete question - I don't want to know how long a kid should take to go through it, I want to know how much time is actually going to be spent watching the audio/visual content in the lesson? (i.e., "There are seven clips, each lasting one minute, with questions and activities between each one," or, "A six-minute video clip, followed by a short quiz.")

    But for some reason, the only answer I ever get is, "It takes different kids different amounts of time," or "Time4Learning doesn't need to be used with a specific schedule," or something like that, which is kind of missing the point. I have two kids to work with, and only one computer - I have to be able to schedule the computer time as closely as possible. I am also working with the kids on learning to work to deadlines and specific goals, so being able to say, "I would like you to complete this lesson during your computer time today," is kind of an important part of our routine, but if I have no idea how much of that time is going to be spent watching a video or a series of clips, I can't really realistically determine how much time to allow for the activity. It's not fair to set a deadline of thirty minutes for an activity, if there are 28 minutes' worth of content nobody can control.

    So, is there a list somewhere? Does anyone know how to figure something like this out, without having to manually go through and watch each activity for two different kids every time?

    Thank you!

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    I don't know of any list of times.

    In my opinion. It's hard to say, and I know you understand this already, but since the lessons are interactive, they often don't run on their own. They require input from the student. Whether it's an answer or to click the next button. And on top of that, every lesson, within every subject is going to be different in length.

    I found the best thing to do with my children, was have them work for a week in their various subjects; then I would go into the student records and get an average of how long the lessons took. Finally, I allotted that amount of time for that subject each day. For example, my high school student would take about 40-60 mins to complete history. I gave her an hour for each history lesson.

    Maybe someone has a better method or answer, but this has been my experience.

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    Some of the lessons' actual running time will be different, depending on how your student responds. For example, in some of the math lessons, the student is asked one or two questions. If they get those right, a big chunk of the lesson isn't presented. If they get them wrong, the lesson will be much longer. Also, in lessons requiring a response (most of them), an explanation is provided after each incorrect response. A student who responds correctly the first time will not take as long as a student whose incorrect responses require further explanation.

    As a VERY general ballpark figure . . . I estimate fifteen or twenty minutes "running time" for most activities until high school. This excludes middle school science, which often runs thirty minutes. High School activities' running time is around thirty minutes. A writing activity is entirely dependent on the student, as are the Authentic Tasks that involve exploring a website.
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