Scores not showing up.
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    Default Scores not showing up.

    Hi All Arainbow Family here from Illinois,

    Would anyone be able to help us understand why one of my daughters scores are not showing up when I have her redo a scored lesson or a quiz. It isn't all of them but it seems to be the same ones each time. I have her redo the lessons and then quiz to improve her lower score but do not know if she has. She does say over and over she thinks she did better and she only got one wrong or 2 wrong but the student report is not reflecting this. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Arainbow Family

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    Hi. A student can attempt any lesson activity, quiz, or test as many times as necessary. The new scores do not replace the old scores. They are averaged in to the total. The student is, in effect, receiving an average of the multiple attempts, which is what schools do to avoid a student who scores well the first time receiving the same grade as a student who requires multiple attempts.

    Parents who want to use another grading method can use the information provided in the reports to calculate a grade their own way. My own kids' reports are covered with my chicken scratches.

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