setting up daily lessons for my son
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    Default setting up daily lessons for my son

    I'm confused on how to start this process, even though I have gone through the tutorials

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    Default Re: setting up daily lessons for my son

    I start the week before the week we are working in. So this weeks lesson "plans" were done last week. I write down what I want accomplished for the week and then plan it out as to which lessons get done each day. I think it is a personal preference if you want to focus on each subject each day or one subject a day. I tend to do a little from each each day. I then add outside things relevent to what we are working on to my plan. So if we are reading about oceans in Language arts, i find extra material on oceans. We also review previous math lessons for practice, for example monday we do adding, tuesdays we do subtraction... i also add in other lessons like spelling, writing, extra social studies and science. I just make a very simple graph for the week with the days of the week at the top and write it all down for my son. We go over it together and I let him know what he will be working on that day. he is usually really good about being able to follow my directions from there to get things done. I do sit with him for certain lessons and just stay close by for others.

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    Default Re: setting up daily lessons for my son


    I believe your best bet, for now, is to simply start at the first lesson of the level you believe your child should be and simply follow the arrows from lesson to lesson. Sit with him or her during the lessons so you will get a feel for the program. Personally, I find it most convenient for my children to do one or two lessons per subject each day.

    It will not take long for you and your child to find your T4L style.

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    Default Re: setting up daily lessons for my son

    If you mean an automated T4L Assignment request, you aren't finding it because it isn't there. This program is licensed for home use but was originally designed to be used at school. So the assignments tab is for teachers. Confusing, I know.

    Our kids do a specific number of lessons in each subject on each school day, but if you want something more concrete, we have also made a checklist on word that worked well. I just typed it up and printed it out.

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