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    Hello, I am new to T4L. My daughter has been home schooled K-8, she has some medical problems that create sick days. I am wondering if anyone knows a way to adjust the Lesson Planner to account for sick days. I currently have the standard vacation weeks accounted for which will give us 4 days for make up work on those weeks, I have a two unscheduled months for his as well. Specifically I am trying out find out if the lesson planner can account and re-adjust for individual sick days. Thanks!

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    Hi. The planner divides all the activities you want to include by the number of weeks in the "school year" you specify. If you change the ending date of your school year, the activities will be divided by a larger number of weeks, so fewer activities will be schedueld for each week. This might actually put you ahead of schedule.

    Alternatively, you can just use the little dropdown menu to select specific days for her to do the activities. Suppose she needed to do six activities per week in social studies, and you originally planned for her to do two on Monday and one each day on Tuesday through Friday. But she was sick on Tuesday and Wednesday, so you just change the plan so she needs to do two activities each on Monday, Thursday, and Friday.

    I, personally, consider the plan a rough guide. I print it out and we work from it on paper, so it's easy to look back and do anything we missed due to illness or any other reason.

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