Skipping through the KNOWN stuff
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    Default Skipping through the KNOWN stuff

    There are so many options in each core area and some of the categories under the core area have several lessons within these. Is there any way as the parent I can go in and either turn off the lessons that they already know?

    There are also situations where they can take the quiz and passes, but he lessons still show that they need to take them. I dont think they need to do the lesson if they pass the quiz - why not move onto something they do not know.

    Any advice on this?

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    In most lesson formats, if they pass the chapter TEST (not quiz), then the entire chapter is marked "Mastered". Those icons are intended as motivation for the student, though. Parents should use information found in the Reports.

    If you want to pick and choose lessons, the best way that I've found to do that is to print the lesson plans and then either circle the lesson activity numbers that I want my chlid to complete, or write the date that I want them to complete it next to each activity (depending on how "scheduled" I decide to be). Then, your student can just input the lesson activity number into the Activity Finder when he/she is ready to do it.

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