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    It seems every time we click a circle for a subject more circles appear. How many circled activities for each subject are we supposed to be doing daily?

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    Hi, Cindy. You might find the help you need in the Getting Started Guide. I just tell my kids something like, "Do one language arts, one language arts extension, two math, and either two science or one social studies (along with the associated tests and quizzes) each day." I arrive at the number of activities per day by using the lesson plans. I see how many activities are available for a subject and divide that number by the number of weeks in a school year, which gives the approximate number of activities that must be done each day in that subject.

    "Activity" means the work under the final circle your student arrives at when clicking through a subject. For example, your student selects "language arts" (which you can think of as a language arts textbook) and is taken to a page of chapter icons (which you can think of as chapters in the book). He selects a chapter icon and will be taken to a page of lesson icons. He selects a lesson icon and is taken to a page of activity icons. He selects an activity icon and finally reaches some work to do! The number in the lesson plans corresponds to these activities, so one "lesson" may take several days for your student to complete, as he will do one or more "lesson activities" per day.

    I hope this helps. Sometimes it helps to have a printable lesson plan in hand while you click through some of your student's activities. Be sure not to mark any of the activities as complete!

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