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    Is there a way to print the learning material that's presented in 3rd grade social studies? Since we don't have a physical book my son needs a way to look back at the info. He's only 7 and a bit too young to be expected to take notes and he can't read my handwriting plus I'm tired of note taking. If I could print it we could highlight the important points together and he'd have something to look back to if he forgot.


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    I'm not sure about 3rd grade SS, but I occasionally print pages from 7th grade SS. When there is a lot of info on a page, I will let my daughter print it instead of writing all of that down. There is a button on the top, towards the right that will allow you to print the page. I would think that 3rd grade would be the same, but maybe someone more familiar with it can answer.


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    I copy and paste into Google Docs sometimes for my youngest daughter and print it out for her.

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